Friday, March 12, 2010

Honey. Any?

The honey accord in a perfume is either a synthetic trick or a byproduct of some natural flower material.

There are few perfumes which have “honey”, “beeswax”, etc. in their titles. For example:

Beeswax (Demeter) Toilet Duck
Eau de cologne  - terribly strong and tenacious which opens with a 3 second attack of something vile and green  followed by a nuclear blast of something remotely reminding of a Toilet Duck. Disaster.

Honey & The Moon (TokyoMilk) Synthetic caramel
Some very boring caramel aromachemcal (Veltol?) and there’s no story too: no top or heart  note.

Honey shadows of flower perfumes:

Tango (Aftelier) Smoked cinnamon
Titans’ tango. A leathery accord fights with cinnamon. Cinnamon wins and goes on triumphant forever. There appears a whiff of honey in about half an hour from the start but it gets trampled over by cinnamon very quickly.

It seems that it will be easier to find a flower note with a honey aspect, Synthetic honey reproductions are rather harsh and smell of household cleaning stuff.

Any honey here? Still have to try:

Eau Mega (Viktor and Rolf)
El Attarine (Serge Lutens)
Bois d’Argent (Dior)
Iris Taizo (Parfumerie Generale)
Miel de Bois (Serge Lutens)

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