Monday, May 3, 2010

Angela Flanders and Sunday flower market

Just off the London City on Columbia road there’s a busy flower market each Sunday. Apart from offers such as 50 tulips for ₤5 (and you can haggle) another interesting thing there is the perfume boutique of Angela Flanders

The shop is open only on Sundays (same as the market). The perfumer herself is behind the counter so you can have a delightful conversation about her creations, perfumery in general and… the weather of course. The boutique sells perfume, aromatic candles, ambiance fragrances, essential oils, herbes de Provence, etc. If you like the cloves note – test the range – it is used quite often. In general it seems that Madame Flanders does best warm and cozy compositions. After all she started with potpourri long time ago.

I bought some vetiver balls which smell of damp and sweet last year’s leaves. In India they use them against moths and other unpleasant insects. But I rather like this vetiver note – my wardrobe now smells of sunny autumn park. Otherwise you can use herbes de Provence which smell quite the opposite – fresh and clean.

The Iris roots from the market sprouted and bloomed right in my suitcase on the LondonMoscow flight.

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