Monday, April 11, 2011

Complex (Boadicea the Victorious)/In English

Experimental performance. Take an ancient play, say, Romeo and Juliet: there’s always one actor at a time on the stage who says all his/her words and exits. Let there not be any common acts or dialogues.
At first a ctrisp violet Romeo enters dressed in purple, he talks profusely and passionately and then kills himself. Enters Juliette (labdanum) scarcely clad in black leather. A passionate solo (!) love scene ensues, and then she kills herself. At the end there are basil and sage fooling around waiting for their destinies for painfully long time just Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Stoppard. The curtain. Surviving spectators kill themselves. The tickets are very expensive too.
It feels as if Complex falls into strong distinct elements which you can smell separately and one after another: violet, labdanum, leather note, basil and sage. There’s a similar (crisp, leathery, with sage) perfume but which is more balanced. That will be Palais Jamais (Etro). 

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