Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taizo. Ultimate concentration

Taizo is a unique perfume boutique in Cannes. This tiny shop has the highest concentration of niche perfumes per square centimeter of retail space I’d ever seen. Somehow they manage to squeeze a range equal to the perfume department of Selfridges and then even a bit more.
By the way the kanji in the shop’s title are tai  (big, many) and dzo (inside). So much inside - very true.
The doors of this boutique are literally always open. This way the air inside is just normal air and not that deadly sweet musky cloud of monster perfume floors in big stores.
The range is impressive (about 40 brands) lacking probably only Montale to be perfect. The shop keepers are knowledgeable and forthcoming, but not pushy.
As a bonus there’s a decent boulangerie Le Fournil Camois in about 300 meters to the right. (There’s a lack of these around Croisette).

120 rue d'Antibes
06400 Cannes

Le Fournil Camois boulangerie
152 Rue d’Antibes
06400 Cannes

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