Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aveda. The smell of Ayurveda

Aveda’s aromas inhabit the natural and goof for you region of the perfume universe – either clever marketing or certain degree of enlightenment.
Their natural aromas can be blended with each other or added to creams, etc.– Aveda gives you freedom to experiment with:
Pure-Fume (the closest it gets to conventional perfume);
Balancing Infusions (to add to your cream or cleanser);
multipurpose oil (for bath, body, hair or an aroma lamp);
essential oils (singular notes like chamomile, eucalypt, etc.);
Chakras (body mists) – ultimate Ayurveda.
Aveda’s consultants suggest trying the aromas with closed eyes, the idea being that you will instinctively choose what’s good for you. I chose patchouli and ylang-ylang and add Aveda’s Balancing Infusion into a cream of theirs. It smells wonderful and is very good for a dry climate.
The body mists or Chakras are not really perfumes: they rather set you into the right mood – refreshed, relaxed or even enhanced intuition and imagination. Chakras smell unusually but pleasantly very unlike the modern ubiquitous fruity-floral trash.

Address (one of many):
Aveda, 177 High Holborn, London (close to Covent Garden)

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