Sunday, June 20, 2010

Opium no more

The Tanuki dog boiled the granny, put her skin on and began fooling the village people...
A Japanese folk tale
Loreal has acquired YSL perfume business, reformulated Opium and released it in new design in a company of some Belle d'Opium... with much artificial pathos.  Now it smells cheaper and surely will never ever cause any allergies. But the current Opium is a bleak reflection of the former glory. As if now to present a grand tragedy a professional theater company has been replaced by a couple of dum teenagers. Belle d'Opium is weak sweetish musk instead of the intensive spicy oriental. You could have started to suspect it was not going anywhere right after the Young Sexy Lovely thing. Seems the perfumery part of the brand is gradually going downhill. But the old Opium is still around to buy that last bottle without much hassle.
Here’s the site promoting the new thing Granny’s remains as an excuse for a party.

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