Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fracas faces: vintage, EdP and parfum concentrations

The difference between modern EdP and parfum concentrations and a vintage version of Fracas.

The old vintage version feels like a smooth thick yielding cloud. The elements of the composition gracefully flow alongside each other. In tactile terms it reminds of dough. The modern remake is more like a bag of glass balls. The elements are held together somehow but you can clearly feel each one separately, they move chaotically inside the bag and even push each other apart. Although the new version follows the historical list of notes. It might have something to do with the quality and quantity of the materials used to create these notes.
Secondly, it seems that the vintage juice has lost the top notes and you feel the core right away. This could be another reason for that smooth flowing impression.

Regarding the difference between the EdP and parfum concentrations the latter often smells better and richer. Parfum is stronger which will expose any weak spot. The parfum might include more natural materials to create a richer and more thorough olfactory impression.

Fracas (Robert Piguet) EdP synthetic tuberose in all its strawberry glory, bitter bergamot on top and sweet jasmine for company. It’s even more sugary than Kilian’s Beyond Love.
Fracas Parfum is more tender and graceful than the EdP. Bergamot is rather cool and balances the carnal sweetness of tuberose well.
Fracas EdT (vintage, presumably from 70’s) peachy tuberose, damascenone and musks. A scent flowing, tender and thick as dough.

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