Sunday, May 1, 2011

Violet flowers jam


The French make a jam out of violet flowers (and candies too). Maybe long time ago this was made out of residual mass left after perfumers had taken out the oils.

This jam has a sweet transparent aroma which resembles very much Cuir Pleine Fleur (Heeley). Well, see now whose perfume has natural (or truly resembling) violet flowers note and whose is just a pathetic pretense (for example, Balenciaga’s Paris).
Heeley, in my opinion, is the best violet perfume one can buy nowadays. It starts with real flowers and evolves into real leaves absolu. If it’s only flowers, then Insolence EdT (Guerlain) which smells even sweeter than the jam.
For an uncivilized foreigner like me the violet jam is way to strong and strange smelling to be edible. However it might taste good on a crêpe or biscuit cake.

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